Why can't people be true to me and tell me what the reality is
I am surrounded by manipulation, politics and bitching
Who really are true and who fake
I have really lost a way to analyse them
When I stand at one end and look at them they all look so very same
I don't know whom to trust and which words to I really belong to
I am honest than why don't I get back same too
Who really is worth a trust, a word of love, a word of care
Who would be my locker of secrets without any selfish motives and plays
Liar's stay away from me please do not play with my heart
Because I cannot hurt you I never say why or say stop and just don't lie
I am not able to judge you unless I fall by
Get bruises and pain and blood shed by
Unless I am not left with tears in my eyes and no answers to my whys
Everytime you hurt and quietly stand by
I decide neither get hurt nor cry
I do not expect things from you
but don't always break me and walk away with a smile...